About Us


Our Passion

We are Kevin, the introvert and Stephany, the ambivert; engineer (him) and travel agent (her)  by trade. Parents to 4 kiddos. Homeschooling the 2 youngest while the older 2 figure out their life in public school. We are passionate about marriage and God’s plan for us to reflect His love to the world in hopes that they will see a picture of Christ’s love for us. In order for us to be that reflection, we realized we needed to be intentional about sowing into our marriage. While there are a vast variety of ways for couples to be intentional – from prayer to date nights – to you name it.  One tool we have found helpful in staying refreshed and connected on a deeper level is travel.   We want to encourage other couples to use travel as one of the tools to keep your marriage thriving.  It’s such a great way to withdraw from the everyday busyness, disconnect from the noise and recharge. We like to call it a marriage sabbatical. Disconnect to Reconnect & Travel to Ignite.

We want you to be a part of this community. A community of couples travelling as a way to sow into their relationship. Breathe Deep, Travel Light….Strengthening Marriages One Destination At a Time!